We have more than two choices

A Congressman for All of US

Life is Precious

We need to protect life, we’ve made a culture of death by war, police shootings, the death penalty, euthanasia, and abortion is legal all the way to birth. There is so much hatred, so much anger, too much division.

How we can honor life
Undocumented Americans

We must pass the Dream Act to save the 800,000 young people who work, pursue higher education or serve in the military. 

The Environment

It makes no sense to pollute our waters, land and air. Reducing carbon emissions is a good thing, and government action to protect this beautiful country is needed.

The World

We have done damage to ourselves and other countries for foolish reasons because our leaders have enriched themselves and their friends.

Independent Candidate for the 46th Congressional District

My name is Ed Rushman, and I help companies work better, encouraging and organizing their information technology employees so their customers are happier and there is less waste. Our government needs to work better and waste less, too. 

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Please talk to me. Do you want another politician or someone independent who works hard like you?