Independent Candidate for the 46th Congressional District

Going door to door in our district, I’m amazed that nearly everyone, and I mean like 99/100, are just done with both parties, the Democrats and Republicans. Young, old, any party, any background, we are the exhausted majority. The incumbent wins the House in our district every election for the past twenty years and they know they will. They don’t have to try, and they can spend their time helping their Party and ignoring us.

We are an amazing district, with the power to change American politics by doing what no other district has: electing an independent as U.S. Representative.

I’ve met a lot of people here. Not any millionaires, I think, just mostly workers and students, and whenever I get discouraged with politics, I go meet more. And it always impresses me. Many get so excited, and that gives me hope.

We can fix this. Somehow, we ended up living together in this district, and since no one else was speaking up for us this way, not taking money, just relying on the people, I’m on the ballot for you. For my family, for those in our neighborhood, for your neighborhood. I’m running for you. And if elected, my promise is to post a weekly report, something simple so you know what’s going on, so you can participate where you want to, and at least you’ll know the truth.

I’m an independent candidate for Congress with strong experience as a change agent and leader who gets things done for technology clients. I don’t take donations from anyone and limit spending to under $5,000. I pledge to continue this policy for life. We say we want a better Congress, but we keep voting in Democrats and Republicans who have accepted many millions of dollars in funding. Carol and I raised six children here; we care about the same things as you because this is our community, everyone here.

Let’s do this, together.