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June 5, 2018, 97% voted by party

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We have more than two choices

A Congressman for All of US

Why an Independent?

The two-party system pits two opposites against each other, with us in the middle as they fight for votes. Congress is nearly always campaigning although their ads are masked as information for citizens. Party members follow the direction of their Party leaders, and there is even a specific role of “whip” for each Party, a Representative who keeps the Party members in line. 

I think this is awful. We have different ideas about how to accomplish things, but parties have simply become a way for people to make money. They are big businesses that do not contribute to the country yet bring power, wealth and some fame to the few.

Three Things
Life is Precious

We need to protect life, we’ve made a culture of death by war, police shootings, the death penalty, euthanasia, and abortion. There is so much hatred, so much anger, too much division. 15,000 homicides in our homeland, 42,000 suicides (10th largest cause of death), 1.4 million emergency room visits for assault. We’ve embraced killing as a way of life.

How we can honor life
The Environment

It makes no sense to pollute our waters, land and air. Reducing carbon emissions is a good thing, and government action to protect this beautiful country is needed.

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The World

We have done damage to ourselves and other countries for foolish reasons because our leaders have enriched themselves and their friends.

I’ll encourage Congress to treat other nations with firmness and respect. We must heal our own nation to be a better example, yet assist in humanitarian efforts as needed and work cooperatively with others to make a better world.

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Undocumented Americans

We must pass the Dream Act to save the 800,000 young people who work, pursue higher education or serve in the military. 

This is something the whole country can come together on. We are a country that helps others, and we don’t have to fight a war to save these young people, just overcome our own lack of mercy and compassion. Our leaders profit by keeping this in debate and never reality.


It’s easy for politicians to make promises they can’t keep, or to make policies that satisfy in the short term but create disasters for our children. Either is wrong.

How Economics Works

We’ve built a hasty, flawed system and made hasty, flawed changes. We can’t keep going on like this. We need quality, sustainable solutions not influenced by special interests or designed by millionaire legislators.

More on Healthcare

Education should not be partisan, but that’s happened. We need to provide what young people need: reading, math, communication skills, knowledge of U.S. and world history, science, economics and arts. They should have the opportunity to pursue technical skills if they wish. A solid, neutral foundation for them to evaluate information and some understanding of other people as well. Enough to build on.
Our children should not be pawns for politicians.

Justice Reform

Prison should protect society and not brutalize the convicted. Prison should not be a training ground for criminals. We need to be more thoughtful about who we imprison, the reason for it, and allow judges more discretion in sentencing. 

It is a fundamental principle that we would rather let the guilty go free than convict the innocent. I enthusiastically support the Brady Rule as a way to protect the innocent according to our best tradition.

Many Americans go to prison. We must still treat them with respect.

More on Justice
Religion in Public Life

Freedom of religion is close to freedom of speech or association, and should include any strong beliefs about the meaning of life, including a belief that it is meaningless. When the government endorses any religion, or endorses the absence of it, we harm our people.

The Bill of Rights was meant to protect religion from the government, yet we now have Senators and presidential candidates imposing religious tests and telling us we must “change our religion” to suit their ideology.

I reject these tests and insist that each person must follow their conscience, exercise their religious freedom and grant that same consideration to others. 

Independent Candidate for the 46th Congressional District

I help companies work better, leading and coordinating their teams so they are successful with less waste. Our government needs to work better and waste less, too. I have hoped for better people in Congress, but it isn’t working. So I’m willing to go to Washington to do the job the right way. Like you, I’m not wealthy nor do I have millions to invest. I’ve worked and raised six children with my wife, Carol. This is a campaign without corporate or special interest money, it depends completely on you spreading the word. Please let me serve you and be someone different; a representative for all of US. I won’t take donations from special interests. 

We say we want a better Congress, but we keep voting for Democrats and Republicans who have never held a real job and yet have accepted millions of dollars from special interests. My career depends on getting important things done through leading by example, working hard and treating people with respect. Real work, real cooperation, not politics and constant campaigning.

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I care about the same things as you because this is our community, everyone here. We worry how our children will make a living, how the influence of the powerful have led them away from the basics of life that working people understand, and where our country is going.

I’m ready to go to work in  Congress so the 46th District can lead the way to a better U.S. I’m for all of US.