O 82 my 82!

I’m back to work the week after the election, and I’m glad we know the situation. 82% of registered voters didn’t vote. 99.5% of those who voted did no research on the candidates for Congress, they just voted on party.

This is a Republic. A government by the people, but we aren’t governing. How do we fix that?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll shift from the campaign to how we the people can do a better job, and how I can support you with facts, ideas, and solutions. Only 3% voted for the people in 2018, but we can work for better turnout in 2020 and support candidates we can vote for in good conscience.

I’m not giving up on you, or on our nation. Doing better will take all of US.

Let’s get to work.

By Ed Rushman

Technical manager in Orange County, parent, husband.