Ed Rushman

Technical manager in Orange County, parent, husband.

O 82 my 82!

I’m back to work the week after the election, and I’m glad we know the situation. 82% of registered voters didn’t vote. 99.5% of those who voted did no research on the candidates for Congress, they just voted on party. This is a Republic. A government by the people, but we aren’t governing. How do […]

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Politics is Business – Part 1

I don’t believe politics should be a business. Government regulates business, it shouldn’t be a business. It’s a conflict of interest, don’t you agree? Businesses generally provide a product, which might be a service. The government’s “product” should be a stable environment for us to live our lives, but let’s look at the services that it […]

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The Paradox of the Independent – part 1

We have to begin dismantling the two-party system, and one way is to get the money out. It’s not the only thing we need to do, but money buys the broadest support for the current system. Candidates are personally enriched, those who work for the party are enriched, and suppliers of services are enriched. Suppliers […]

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Am I real?

We often read about candidates who claim to have degrees but really don’t. Most guard their privacy, and for good reason. My Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are fairly old, and from before I considered running for Congress. Feel free to take a look. For members of the media (including vloggers/bloggers) I’ll furnish originals of my […]

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Nothing’s Changed for 535

The responsibility is ours for the mess, we keep electing the same kinds of people. We don’t need them to be saints, just honest, smart and able to resist the temptations of money and power. More than 30 years ago, Charley Reese of the Orlando Sentinel wrote this. Here are a few excerpts. Please post […]

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Campaigning on your dollar and time

Every time I get a taxpayer-funded mailer with my congressman’s picture and no real information about what’s up for a vote, I think of how much it costs. I just got a quote for a mailer and it was $125,000. For just one. How many of these do you get per year, and they just […]

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