Answers to questions – Part 1

I knows it’s hard to spread the word when you get questions and you worry about what you’ll say. I’ve been talking to folks I meet on the street, workers in fast food places (I eat too much of it, I know), and even in parking lots. Here are a few questions I get, and […]

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Getting to 100 friends of a money-free Congress

We are at 97 friends of a non-partisan, money-free* Congress. I really believe at least 200 million people in the U.S. (not just citizens) have to be sick of the way things are. We need to show it’s possible to beat the system by using the framework the founders laid down. Not a revolution in […]

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Who likes money?

Looking down this older list, you’d almost think Democrats and Republicans were the same party. This doesn’t include the clever ones who avoided detection, and in 2016 the Supreme Court added protection for Congressional bribery prevents prosecution in the future. But it’s not all cash. Special interests can provide vacations (fact finding!), jobs or referrals […]

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Welcome to a different campaign style, for US

Hi, first off I wanted to let you know I write my own material, manage this site and if you mail, text or message, I’m getting it, not an assistant. We have no fundraising and I’d like to keep it that way. Our opponents have millions available through the Democratic and Republican parties. It’s up […]

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