Campaigning on your dollar and time

Every time I get a taxpayer-funded mailer with my congressman’s picture and no real information about what’s up for a vote, I think of how much it costs. I just got a quote for a mailer and it was $125,000. For just one. How many of these do you get per year, and they just go in the trash, right?

According to this article, which is worth reading:

The cost of running for office has skyrocketed. Experts predict the money chase will grow to upwards of $10 billion in 2016.

the average cost of a Congressional seat increased a whopping 344 percent. In 2012, House incumbents raised an average of $2,400 per day in the two-year cycle.

I’ve raised $0 so far, and will probably borrow a max of $7,000 on our home to run. A congressman raises that much in less than four days, and doesn’t have to pay it back.

I want us to win because you spread the word, not because you gave me your hard-earned money. And I’m definitely not taking money from special interests! Never, never, never.

“Leads to the dark side, that way does.”

More from the article:

In election cycles during the heat of battle, it might escalate to more than half of their time.” And for Representatives, elected every two years, it’s always the heat of battle.

But it doesn’t stop there. Members are now additionally required to raise money for the party and contribute to pools of funds at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC). As a member rises in seniority to committee chair or ranking member, their fundraising responsibilities multiply significantly. So just as they assume more jurisdiction, clout and a heavier legislative workload, they are simultaneously saddled with spending even more time raising even more money.

But as an independent, I don’t have to raise money for a party. And since I depend on you to spread the word, I don’t even have to raise money for myself. I’ll pay all the costs out of my salary, and if the two Parties spend millions to unseat me, you’ll just have to get louder.

Time spent running after big donors is time not spent figuring out a way to make a government program work more efficiently, writing a bill to create more jobs in America, or participating in an oversight committee hearing to evaluate the current challenges in Syria and Iraq.” Or North Korea or Yemen.

We’ve got more than 250,000 neighbors to reach in the 46th District. You have to work, get through school, parent children, maintain relationships, pursue happiness. Me too. We are too busy for this.

But we have to. For our own sake, spread the word. Tell everyone we have to light this candle and stop cursing the darkness. We’ve come to a critical point in history, can you feel it?

Now you know what drives me, and why I’m driving hard both at work and in this campaign, and why I’m so committed. We have to win in 2018, and it’s going to take 250,000 people to beat the System.

The incumbent has a multi-billion dollar Party funded and backed by Google, Facebook, Hollywood, and the elite of both Coasts.

I have you, the people. I’m betting my money on you, and you’re betting your time and talent on me.

Let’s go. Siempre ¡adelante!

By Ed Rushman

Technical manager in Orange County, parent, husband.