Getting to 100 friends of a money-free Congress

We are at 97 friends of a non-partisan, money-free* Congress. I really believe at least 200 million people in the U.S. (not just citizens) have to be sick of the way things are.

We need to show it’s possible to beat the system by using the framework the founders laid down. Not a revolution in the government but a revolution in the people, an awakening to the possibilities within our grasp. No marches, no celebrities, no marketing, no experts in activism.

Unlike many grassroots candidates, I’ve worked at tough jobs requiring business and technical knowledge for 35+ years, worked closely with people of many cultures, raised a family and put myself through the masters degree program at CSULB at the same time with a 3.9.

Just us, spreading the word, using the very system the Democrats, Republicans, Hollywood, the media, and big business have perverted for their own ends.

Isn’t this a message worth spreading? Then tell everyone, by every means at your disposal. Share it beyond the district, let everyone know we are done with the past, and want to do it right.

(Please like the page, post this blog every way you can!)

Go spread the word if you believe it’s time. I do.

*I’m not taking donations from lobbies, businesses, or special interest groups. I’m spending $2,000 I can’t afford because I believe we can do this. All I’m asking from you is to spread the word.

By Ed Rushman

Technical manager in Orange County, parent, husband.