Healthcare Solution

(espaƱol) Politics should be the art of the possible. I’d work with all the reasonable, honest people in Congress I could find (stop laughing, there have to be a few) just like I’ve done elsewhere, using the same methods.

First, we need to consider framing the things everyone can agree on.

  • Many cannot afford healthcare or healthcare insurance
    • even healthy people like me pay more than 10% of income into health insurance today
  • Many health issues are preventable – with care or with lifestyle changes
  • Core health services can include
    • treatment/prevention of contagious diseases
    • treatment/prevention of heart attack, stroke, cancer and other potentially fatal conditions
    • treatment/support of accidental injury
    • health counseling based on statistical data (delivered mainly online? some already in place, e.g. CDC)
    • prenatal care for mothers, care for children from conception to transition to adult care
    • support for the special needs of the disabled, the elderly
    • other services we can determine in the services design process

What else can we all agree on? What are your concerns with this approach? I’ll update this solution as I hear from you. I believe we can do this together.

Please text or e-mail me your thoughts on this, contact me here.