Phone script

Hello, my name is ________ and I am calling to ask if you have heard of Ed Rushman, the new independent candidate for Congress in the 46th district.


Ed Rushman is an independent candidate, not Democrat or Republican or representing any party. He’s running for Congress because we didn’t have good choices in 2016 and wanted a candidate that didn’t take money from special interests or blindly follow either Party. He actually hasn’t taken any donations at all, he’s depending on us to spread the word.

May I please take a minute to tell you a little bit more about Ed?

If,  No
– May I please call you back when it is a more convenient time to talk? You can check out or look for him on Facebook, too.


Ed thinks we are killing too many people, in wars, executions, euthanasia, abortion, police shootings, and we need to be more respectful of life. He is for The Dream Act, which will allow young adults brought to the United States illegally as children to become documented if they work, pursue higher education or serve our country in the military.

What do you think?

please gather notes if they know me and record any opinions or concerns, and if positive or neutral, invite them to come to a meeting, or at least register at

If pro-choice:

Do you support the Democratic Party’s position that abortion should be legal through all nine months of pregnancy?

If yes, thank them for their time and record the result.

If no, remind them that’s the incumbent’s position according to his voting record, invite them to the event, or to at least register. 

If against The Dream Act:

Ed understands that immigration laws and poor enforcement have brought us to this point, but considers The Dream Act part of a reboot, a restart that is necessary for 800,000 young people who know no other home than here.  Ed knows and will work toward needed immigration laws that make sense. He is not for open borders.

If you are comfortable doing it, you can remind them that the incumbent has voted against a bill to restrict abortions past 20 weeks, that’s 4 1/2 months, about halfway through pregnancy. They can verify it on, search for Lou Correa. They can find me there, too.

What do you think about Ed? Is he close to what you believe in?

Other Questions

What concerns do you have that I haven’t talked about? If I was Ed Rushman himself, what would you ask me?

  • Take notes about questions they would ask.
  • Thank them and tell them you will forward those questions to Ed and he would love to answer those questions, or you can text or e-mail him directly if you like, his information is on

Ed is not accepting donations from this phone campaign. It will cost $1,740 of his own money to put his name on the ballot. If he can collect 2000 signatures instead, they will waive the fee. Again, Ed is not asking for donations, but would you allow him to come by to get your signature, or would you be willing to meet him in a public place for your signature? He would be thrilled to answer any questions you have and share his passion for real representation of the people, not special interests. You may bring any family and friends to also ask questions. Where would you feel comfortable meeting him?

(If someone suggests a public place to meet, ask what evening would they be available.  Ed would be available any evening from 6pm to 9pm.  Once you have a place and day, scheduled, give other people that same option.  If they can’t do that day, make another date and place to meet.  And, then offer two possible days and places to others, and so on…  If they don’t know where to suggest meeting, you can suggest a place.)


Make sure you thank them for their feedback and suggestions.   If they plan to meet Ed, tell them someone will follow-up with a reminder.  Would a text or phone call be best?    Tell them about Ed’s website address at and Facebook page at Rushman for Congress – CA 46 – 2018.


Other information:

Ed is going to vote in favor of respecting life, the environment and those in other countries. If it’s a matter of helping people, he’s going to look carefully at whether it really helps or creates another problem. He often says that problems come from someone else’s solutions. Not everything should be solved by government, but we need to apply solutions at the right level. Some things should be decided by the city, others by the state. But in any case, it ought to get some thought put into it, and decisions shouldn’t be made based on who donated the most or what the head of a Party says. You can text or e-mail him directly if you like, his information is on

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