Preserve our Environment

Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, the air was so bad that I was unable to breathe well enough to run very far at times. With the creation of the EPA, and efforts to cut pollution it got better. We can make laws to protect the environment and set aside parks and wilderness areas, yet it is best if each American does their part locally, too. It’s a balance between government and individual action, between the our rights and the rights of the following generations.

Since I take no money, I’m free to make the best decisions. My experiences in the outdoors make me determined to protect it, not for its own sake, but so that all of us have a quiet place to go, not too crowded. Or even a lonely place far from city lights where we can see billions of stars late at night, or a full moon shining on the high mountains. Perhaps time away would revive our spirits so that we might better appreciate our place in the universe and understand that we are all in this together, sharing a planet we must care for or perish.