Statement of Qualifications

We in the 46th District want independent representation that won’t take money or direction from any party, lobby, or special interest group. I will represent your best interests and ensure your values have a voice at the national level. Electing an independent Representative will make the nation hear us. We want the Dream Act, forgotten by Congress; we want real solutions, not unrealistic promises. Solid, practical solutions. We have to find a way together.

Carol and I raised six children here while I built a career in technology, solving problems and leading teams to success through respect for people and a focus on achieving results. There have been hard times; together we faced the struggle against rising costs with level income and now we worry about our children’s future.

As your Representative, I’ll provide weekly reports online with plain language on budgets, legislation, and meetings, just as I communicate weekly status reports to my employers today. You will know what’s going on. I’ll live modestly, cut spending on unnecessary trips and mailings, and with my extensive experience leading teams, the congressional staff will be effective in serving you.

I am for all of us and together we will show Congress that we are not divided, that we can be one Nation, free of money politics and partisan conflict. I believe the 46th District, young and old, student and worker, single and family, will lead the way. for the details on the above and how to contact me.