How Santa Ana Can Make the Dream Act Happen

The old-time politicians have nothing to show for 17 years work even though 70% of the people want the Dream Act. Voters in Santa Ana, CA are the key to the Dream Act for the entire nation because you will determine whether an independent goes to Congress. We can be the first district in a century to elect a true independent to Congress, not a Democrat or Republican pretending to be an independent. If you want to resist, if you want to make a difference, why would you elect an old-school, millionaire, 16-year, career politician?

Time for fresh approaches. I’m strong and I’m ready. Here are the steps:

  1. Tell your friends and neighbors about me, that I’m a working neighbor in your district. Tweet this message, Facebook post it, e-mail it. Don’t let the dream die!
  2. Go to and print the flyer in Spanish, English or both. Hand these out in Santa Ana, West Anaheim, check here for what areas are in the district.
  3. Vote for Ed Rushman in the primary, June 5. We need 50,000 votes to send a strong message to Congress.
  4. Vote in November, too. We win.
  5. I start working. The media go crazy that a real independent gets in for the first time in ages. Identify every member of Congress who will vote for the Dream Act or could be persuaded. Speeches in the capitol. Interviews with the media.
  6. I’ll never lose focus, even when events might distract. I’ll never give up. I’ll build support until we have enough to override a veto.
  7. We bring it for a vote and win. 100 days.

Here is my agreement with you, the people: you do the first five steps and I’ll do the rest. You start this and I’ll finish it. Deal?


More district encounters

Conversations again:
A little while ago, I met a homeless woman outside a store and we talked awhile. I’m leaving out some details but she wanted to pray for me, and so we held hands and she prayed so clearly, and in a way that applied to both of us. Then she asked me to look at her, and she said, “People act like I don’t exist, but I do. I’m a drug addict, but I’m a person.” She wasn’t accusing, just staying the truth. We hugged, and I left feeling I’d encountered someone with so much capacity for love and accomplishment, not necessarily material, but able to play a positive role in the community. More and more, we are normalizing drug use, and I don’t know where it will end. We have a hunger for tax dollars and had already promoted gambling to feed our habit. When government promotes harmful things just for tax dollars, it doesn’t serve people well. Still, voters made this choice via elected politicians.

I met a young man today while we were getting lunch at the Wienerschnitzel at Chapman and Haster, and I was impressed that he knew his district. That’s rare here. I gave him a flyer, and it was really great hearing how much he cares, and that he sees what politics has become, and how electing the first real independent in decades to the House would amplify our voice. The values here are the ancient ones of hard work, family and community. We could remind the nation of the beauty of these values.

Another young man I met was too young to vote, yet in talking he was so well spoken, troubled by where we are going, and so pleased at the prospect of an independent for life and Dreamers.

I want to vote for someone without feeling guilty, without disappointment that the choices aren’t better. Since that person didn’t show up, I’ll be on the ballot in June. Please look around these pages and spread the word, write me, text me, share this page or others. Many hands make light work.

We can do this, and to beat the system without donations or special interests or the Parties that have fouled our home, that would be an achievement you can tell your children and grandchildren about. If I win, we all win, and we will show the nation it can be done.

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