I’m Personally In Favor of a Number of Things – and I Vote that Way

I’ve long found inconsistency to reveal ill will or deception. I listen to young people, and they are looking for what’s real, and what’s real is consistent. Many I meet on the street or going door to door, people of all ages and backgrounds, are immediately excited that I’m not a Republican or Democrat (our district has been “safely” Democrat 20+ years). They rarely ask my positions, they are for me just because I’m not taking money, so perhaps they are simply looking to trust someone. When they dig deeper, they agree on most things, and their disagreements are not total, it’s more about degree. More importantly, I’m consistent, I don’t believe in winning “by any means necessary” if it includes lies, bribery, or killing people. Some things really are personal taste: I drink more of a certain soda than I should. Way more. One of my favorite places to eat isn’t going to serve it anymore, and I plan to do zero about that. I’m not going to pass a law to make people drink it, but I’ll admit I like it and I’ll drink it, at least until I decide to give it up for some reason. I think this is reasonable.