Who likes money?

Looking down this older list, you’d almost think Democrats and Republicans were the same party.

This doesn’t include the clever ones who avoided detection, and in 2016 the Supreme Court added protection for Congressional bribery prevents prosecution in the future.

But it’s not all cash. Special interests can provide vacations (fact finding!), jobs or referrals for spouses, children, allies, investment info. If it’s private investment, it doesn’t count as insider trading.

If you can get me to Washington, yiu can bet my wife and children will be suspicious of any “lucky breaks” that come their way. We’ve already discussed it, and I’m confident in their ethics. But an independent from the 46th isn’t likely to attract much money anyway, an advantage to being from a hard-working district!

Have you thought about how congressional staff can profit by controlling access to Congress? Or leaving things out of a report?

So many ways to make money through public service.

By Ed Rushman

Technical manager in Orange County, parent, husband.