Why All Districts Should Support This

Not in this district? Here’s why it’s important to spread the word.

There hasn’t been a real independent in the U.S. House of Representatives in more than a century. What about Bernie in 2007? He caucused with the Democrats, as has nearly every independent. One went Republican. We need a breakthrough, anywhere. This district is like many others, filled with hardworking people, most with faith, Catholic, Evangelical, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, and many from more countries than I can name here. These are my neighbors, my coworkers, people I see or talk with often. This is the United States of America. It happens that this district has the right mix and problems right now to make this happen. I hope there are other candidates like me in those other districts, but I’m pretty sure there is no one like me running in all of Orange County. With the right support, the right publicity, the right outcry, we could fire the vote heard ’round the world, my friends.

Maybe you don’t agree with everything, maybe you don’t like the Dream Act, maybe you are afraid to restrict abortion, maybe you really believe in capital punishment, or that prisoners deserve abuse in prison, not just a loss of freedom. But don’t you want to see what would happen? We can’t go on like this, the two parties are too invested in power, two large organizations fighting over us like two awful parents competing for a custody of an unhappy child, promising toys and treats, but never coming through. If you can see that, please help our district by spreading the word. It would be fitting that this district, so diverse, so rich in traditions, so American, could launch an independent into the system. We’ve got to do something, and I might be the best we can do for now. I’ll work to find more if you’ll send me to DC.

I’m not just independent of the parties, I’m independent of the whole pay-to-play mentality. I’ve avoided it in work, I’ve avoided what’s-in-it-for-me at church and home. I’ve remained independent of expectations, of social pressure, of putting on a show, even of seeking my best interests most of the time. I’m not perfect, but most of the time I can see the greater good and work toward it. It’s why I can drop into a client’s operation and gain a team’s trust instantly. They can tell I’m real, and every time I’ve pulled everyone together to make it work. People of all backgrounds, rich, poor, left, right, from here and many other countries. They all respond to real love and respect. I love the work I do but I have to risk it for your sake. For all of us.

I truly believe I can start something, but we need one win. I’m sure I can find some good people in Congress, some good people who can run in 2020 if we will just give them hope. If we can show it’s possible, those teetering on the edge, those independent people, those real people undecided if it’s even worth trying.

If you want something better for this country, spread the word far and wide. Maybe it will give our people the courage they need.